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Have you noticed how modern buildings lack the character of older ones, and how factory-made jewelry can feel soulless?

In a world full of normality, there's a longing for authenticity... that's where vintage and antique jewelry come in!

The magical touch of a skilled artisan's hand, left us with jewelry that tell a timeless story.

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Beautiful memories

Do you remember your (grand)mother's jewelry box? When treasures weren't just objects but reminders of beautiful memories. Vintage diamonds that sparkled through anniversaries, pearls that witnessed her grace and rings that once seemed too big - they now honour your hands.

Are you ready to start a timeless collection?

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Imagine your dream collection, what does it look like?

Imagine having a sparkling ring on every finger. What would they look like? Twinkling diamonds or delicious and colorful gemstones?

Preloved jewels come with a charm and beauty that is unmatched compared to modern jewelry.

The amount of love that went into handcrafted pieces of fine jewelry captures the eyes and hearts of holder and beholder.

Treat yourself and find something truly special.

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Quality control

We uphold the highest standards of quality for every piece of jewelry we offer.

From assessing metal purity and gemstone integrity to verifying historical provenance.

Our quality control process guarantees that every piece in our collection is thoroughly tested and represented.

Only the best pieces make it to the webshop.

We authenticate items their origins through:

  1. Hallmark identification;
  2. We test the gold (and other precious metals) using acid testing;
  3. Verify precious gemstones with our FGA certified gemologist.

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Free priority shipping

For your peace of mind, all orders are shipped with our insured priority shipping service.

We exclusively use DHL Express for worldwide shipping, ensuring the safest and fastest delivery to your doorstep.

Located in the Netherlands, we guarantee delivery within 72 hours to destinations worldwide.

Additionally, we can arrange shipping via FedEx upon request.

Our worldwide shipping promise extends to countries such as the United States of America, all countries within Europe, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and more.

If you're unsure whether we ship to your country, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through the contact form below.

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Layaway for Antique Jewelry

Layaway is a purchasing option that allows customers to reserve and pay for items over time

Do you want to benefit from using our layaway service for acquiring an antique one-of-a kind piece of jewelry?

By opting for a layaway plan, you can secure a jewel without delay, ensuring that you don't miss out on that piece you always wanted.

Moreover, layaway offers the advantage of investing in expensive jewelry, while allowing you to spread the cost over a period that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Don't let the chance slip away—enquire about our layaway options today and start building your dream collection.

Offering terms ranging from 14 to 60 days to suit your preferences.

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Your antique jewelry should fit you perfectly.

We understand the importance of a comfortable and secure fit, which is why we offer expert resizing services for rings.

Our skilled jewelers delicately adjust the size of your jewelry, preserving its integrity and hallmarks.

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