#1 How do I start my own antique jewellery collection?

#1 How do I start my own antique jewellery collection?

How do I start my own antique jewellery collection?

If you like fashion, chances are that you wear jewellery on a daily basis to go with your outfit. But have you ever considered making an outfit even more special, for example by upgrading your jewellery game by wearing antique, unique pieces of jewellery? Maybe it’s something you are interested in, but you just don’t know where to start. We are here to help! In this blog we explain why starting an antique jewellery collection is a good idea and also give you some handy tips to start your own!


Why would I want to wear antique jewellery?

If you are completely new to the world of antique jewellery, you might wonder what the benefits of collecting antique jewellery are. We can tell you: there are plenty. First of all, a big plus to antique jewellery is how unique the pieces are. Nowadays, a lot of popular jewellery is mass-produced, and thus a lot of people wear the same pieces. Most antique jewellery was made in a time when there were no means to mass-produce, so the pieces are handmade and much more unique. Most antique jewellery is made by highly skilled jewelers, so the pieces stand the test of time and can still be worn to this day. This makes antique jewellery great to pass on from generation to generation. Another big advantage of starting an antique jewellery collection has to do with sustainability. Modern pieces are oftentimes created as a part of the fast fashion industry and thrown away after a few years. This is of course detrimental to the environment, both because of the rapid use of resources, and the production of waste. Antique jewellery, on the other hand, is timeless and made to last. So, by buying antique pieces instead of new pieces you contribute to the protection of the environment. And last but not least, collecting antique jewellery makes the perfect hobby! When starting your collection, you probably get increasingly involved in the (online) antique jewellery community and get in touch with fellow jewellery enthusiasts. Searching for your perfect piece of antique jewellery can be a lot of fun and even quite addictive!


Finding your jewellery style

If you’re just starting out in collecting antique jewellery, you can easily become overwhelmed by the numerous jewellery pieces and styles. Getting to know your own style can make navigating through this wide range a lot easier. A good first step in this is learning about the different eras of antique jewellery. This way you learn that pieces from different eras have their own distinct styles, and that you might have a preference for pieces from a certain era. It's also good to know the difference between vintage and antique jewellery. Antique jewellery is jewellery that is at least 100 years old. Vintage jewellery can be jewellery that is between 20 and 100 years old. Because of this difference, vintage pieces are often a bit lower in price than antique pieces. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog, because we are planning to teach you all about the different jewellery eras! Something that can also help you discover your jewellery style, is getting involved in the online antique jewellery community. A lot of antique jewellery enthusiasts and businesses are very active on social media platforms like Instagram, so that’s the place to be when it comes to learning about antique jewellery. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and become inspired by our elegant pieces and their unique stories. In addition, when looking for your perfect piece of antique jewellery, it’s always a good idea to take a look at your own wardrobe. Maybe you have a very distinct clothing style that can easily be matched with jewellery from a certain era!


A good first piece to start with

Buying your first piece of antique jewellery can be very exciting but also a little scary, because it’s a rather costly purchase. However, it can also be the start of something exciting, namely your own and unique jewellery collection! When buying your very first piece of antique jewellery, it is nice to start with a piece that you can easily wear with your everyday wardrobe. Knowing the jewellery era that matches your style best can help you when looking for this piece. Vintage jewellery can be nice to start with, because the prices of vintage pieces of are slightly lower than the prices of antique pieces. This way, you can play around trying different jewellery styles and find the style you like best. For example, you can get your hands on an elegant pair of vintage coral earrings for less than 500 euros. Vintage golden pendants can be even more accessible items to begin collecting, with prices starting below 300 euros. An advantage in buying a pendant is that you can try wearing it with different types of necklaces that you might already own. If you think you have found the perfect piece, make sure to double check if the seller seems trustworthy and if the piece is really what you are looking for. And then, especially if you’ve done your research and made an informed decision, we would say: just go for it. Enjoy your first, unique piece of antique jewellery and wear it with great pride!




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