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Antique Castle Rings

1900's Oldcut Diamond Cluster Ring

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Step back in time to the early 20th century with this exquisite Old Mine Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

The 1900's marked a transitional period in jewelry design, combining elements of the Victorian era with emerging Art Nouveau and Edwardian influences. This ring showcases the enduring beauty of the Old Mine Cut diamonds, a popular diamond cutting style during this time. With their unique faceting and romantic feel, Old Mine Cut diamonds were highly sought after and prized for their unique sparkle and character.

This stunning ring features a cluster of Old Mine Cut diamonds, totaling 0.62 carats. The diamonds are carefully set in a 14K gold. Weighing 2.6 grams, this ring is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The ring is currently a size 7.5 US. However, it can be resized by us to ensure a perfect fit for your finger.

Wearing this antique Old Mine Cut Diamond Cluster Ring allows you to step into the past and embrace the romanticism of the early 1900s. 

If you appreciate the elegance and history of antique jewelry, this 1900's Old Mine Cut Diamond Cluster Ring offers an antique feel, yet a modern look to your collection. Add her to cart to make her yours.