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Antique Castle Rings

Art Deco Lozenge Sapphire Diamond Ring

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Step into the magic of the Art Deco era with this exquisite lozenge-shaped 18K gold sapphire and diamond ring.

The Art Deco period, spanning from the 1920s to the 1930s, was characterized by its bold geometric shapes, intricate designs, and luxurious materials, revolutionizing the world of jewelry designArt Deco jewelry is renowned for its ability to blend luxury with modernism. This ring captures the feel of that era, reflecting the spirit of innovation and artistic expression. This ring exemplifies the artistry and innovation that defined the Art Deco movement.

Crafted in 18K gold, this ring features a striking lozenge shape that grabs all attention. The combination of the sapphire's deep hue and the diamonds' radiance results in a truly captivating and harmonious composition of color.

Level up your personal style with this Lozenge Shaped Art Deco ring, a testament to innovation and self-expression. Add to cart to make her yours.