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Art Deco Bow Ring

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Art deco 14ct white gold Bow ring with old cut diamonds 0.5ct

In the 1920s, women began to exclude corsets and tight clothing in their wardrobe. Dresses that were loose and short were popular and particularly enhanced the flapper image of the women of that era.

The simplicity of the streamlined vertical dresses of the day meant they could be dressed up with long strands of beads. Brooches and dress clips were worn on everyday clothes, not just for the evening, and they could be clipped onto hats, shoes, collars or coat lapels. Little mesh purses, and stylish Art Deco compacts completed the look.

Opulence and extravagance were the order of the day and reflected the post war joie de vivre and recklessness of the jazz age. The unconventional style, drama and the excessiveness also meant that jewelry lost a bit of the soft curves and lines. Less decorations are seen in jewelry, and the fluidity and floral and feminine designs made place for dramatic contrasts in color and hard, geometric designs. Jewelers and goldsmiths from the Art Deco period were making use of both diamonds and brightly colored gemstones in one design.

The Art Deco jewelry and fashion style was a scream for autonomy and recognition. The war ensured that men had to leave their jobs in order to fight in the war. Gradually more and more women entered the workforce and it brought women a sense of independence. The artistic designs of that period were eclectic, colorful, and bold. This is also the age characterized by the travel, economic and social advancements, and discovering new horizons.

This beautiful bow ring is a real darling and gives you the feeling that you just entered the room with Jay Gatsby ;)


14ct white gold
Art Deco
0.5ct old cut diamonds
size 7.5 US
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Excellent condition
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