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Antique Castle Rings

Art Deco Diamond Brooch

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Antique Art deco filigree bar brooch with Old cut diamonds 14ct white gold

This brooch, an elongated knife sharp bar, that sits well on the left or right just over the bust. A more modern way to show off this antique beauty is to pin it at the center of a collar. This brooch is from an era where women began to fight for autonomy and recognition. During the WWI, men had to leave their jobs in order to fight in the war. Gradually more and more women entered the workforce and it brought women a sense of independence. In line with this, fashion had transformed from the relative formality and restriction of the Edwardian era and the war time years to fun and practical styles (think of the ever classy, feminine and unconventional Coco Chanel) that highlighted the freedom of modern women and allowed them to participate in activities that were previously for men only.

The motto in this era was to 'live now and forget the past'. Perhaps wearing this brooch will remind us to celebrate and enjoy the present time :)


14ct white gold
Center diamonds (0.20ct)
Art deco
Measurements: 6cm
2.9 grams
Excellent condition
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