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Antique Castle Rings

Art Deco Style Diamond & Ruby Target Earrings

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Art Deco Style Diamond & Ruby Target Earrings

We never knew we needed these earrings in our life until we tried them on for you. They are comfortable, steady and real showstoppers! Wear it with a little black dress and a knot for a fancy dinner, or wear it with jeans and ponytail for a casual chique daytime look. These style earrings are handmade during a period where women could use their sense of fashion to fight for autonomy and recognition. Men had to leave their jobs in order to fight in the war and gradually more and more women entered the workforce. This brought women a sense of independence, and thus fashion had transformed from the formality of the Edwardian era and the war time years to fun and practical styles!

Corsets disappeared and dresses became shorter and in a sense more playful and cool rather than dainty and 'figure hugging'. This freedom and sense of fun was reflected in the new, exciting jewellery styles and fashions. Jewelry pieces crafted during this historical design period reflect the growing optimism of the times, the surge of expanded social freedoms, modern technological developments and new never-before-seen artistic movements.

In terms of jewelry and jewelry styles during this period, many notice that square, oval, and rectangle shapes were popular and highly in demand during the art deco era. Sometimes a variety of geometric shapes were used together to create a complex piece with interesting lines. Often, these shapes have straight lines and angles, although curves are sometimes part of the design. The jewelry from this specific era represents the glamorous, fun, and flamboyant period!


14ct white gold
Art deco style
Measurements: 10mm x 10mm
Excellent condition
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