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Antique Castle Rings

Victorian earrings with rosecut diamonds and emerald

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Victorian earrings with rosecut diamonds and emerald 12kt gold

The Victorian era, has been divided in three main parts. These dainty earrings are made around 1880 - 1900, which is near the end of the Victorian era. Stylistically, jewelry of this time period did not resemble its earlier Victorian counterparts, in fact the jewelry was the complete opposite of what was worn before. After a long period of mourning, Queen Elizabeth gradually altered her 'dark' wardrobe, mourning jewelry, heavy brooches and large necklaces. She started to accept the fact that the future of the nation was in her hands and she had to rule the nation now without her beloved husband by her side. The dark skies were parting and fashion was changing. There was also a major shift in industry. While in the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign the focus was on manufacturing, toward the later years there was a renewed interest and appreciation of the handmade. Jewelry became detail oriented, complex, and more dainty, which is very well visible when examining these antique earrings. Women still layered pieces, though, and favored smaller scatter pins. Jewelry also became an evening accessory and not so visible during the day.

During the late Victorian period, people developed a slight obsession for everything that had to do with nature. The fascination with naturalism was a reaction to the negative sides of industrialization and technology. Many inhabitants of busy cities, moved away from overcrowded city districts and started to settle in rural and quiet places where they could reconnect with nature surrounded by botanical gardens. The longing for flora and fauna inspired the artistic world in no time and therefore naturalistic jewelry decorated with flower and fruit motifs became immensely popular. Jewelry from this specific period show that the colours in nature were matched by bright coloured gemstones. The earrings are the perfect example, as they have a beautiful colour palette consisiting of ocean green (Emerald) and crystal white (Rosecut Diamonds).



  • 12kt gold
  • Victorian
  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Excellent condition

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