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Antique Castle Rings

English High Carat Gold Buckle Ring

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Antique 18 carat yellow gold buckle ring.

The buckle symbolizes binding loyalty and everlasting love. Buckle rings were often beautifully engraved and varied in widths. The buckle ring has been popular throughout jewelry history. It was popular during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods (the design of the buckle changing with style and time). Victorian life was filled with symbolism and designers could use their imagination to create jewelry which displayed signs of symbolism. Essentially, the buckle ring or motif relates back to this unbreakable strength of upholding loyalty. A similar thought as 'in memory forever' or 'our love forever'.

A buckle symbolized fidelity in love, or loyalty in friendship, through the joining of the two pieces. When the buckle wraps around a finger, like the serpent or snake, it can be interpreted as a symbol of eternal love (an everlasting bond). This could be applied to family as a strong unit. When a loved one who is lost, it would ordinarily break down the family and cause immense grief and sadness, however, the presentation of this symbol from a loved one as representation of the person who has passed away only intensifies the eternal strength and love for the person, as well as the strength of the family to stay together.


18ct gold
Yellow gold size 7 US
Excellent condition
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