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Antique Castle Rings

Antique 1900's Sapphire Cabochon Band Ring

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Step into the past with the Antique 1900's Sapphire Cabochon Band Ring, a truly captivating piece of history. Crafted in 14K gold, this ring showcases a mesmerizing sapphire cabochon that radiates timeless beauty. With its delicate design and size 6.25 US, it offers a perfect fit for your finger and can be easily adjusted to your preference.

Fun fact: Sapphires have fascinated civilizations throughout time. In ancient cultures, they were believed to possess protective powers, bringing good fortune and warding off negativity. Sapphires were treasured by royalty as symbols of wisdom, virtue, and divine favor.

This antique ring, dating back to the 1900s, embodies the charm of a bygone era. Its exquisite craftsmanship and the deep blue hue of the sapphire create an enchanting combination. By wearing this ring, you carry a piece of history and add a touch of vintage sophistication to your style.

Don't miss the opportunity to make a bold fashion statement that transcends time and celebrates the enduring allure of sapphires. Add to cart today or regret passing on this beauty to someone else!