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Antique Castle Rings

Edwardian 14K Gold Monogram Ring with Ruby and Rosecut Diamonds

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Transport yourself to the Edwardian era with our 14K gold "S"monogram ring. This exquisite antique treasure, originating from the early 1900s, encapsulates the opulence and refinement of that glamorous period.

Crafted with meticulous artistry reminiscent of a bygone era, the centerpiece of this ring is the letter S, intricately formed from lustrous ruby and diamond gemstones. These rubies, with their vibrant red hues, evoke the passionate ambiance of a candlelit ballroom, where elegance and romance intertwine.

Complementing the allure of the rubies, delicate rosecut diamonds grace the design, their sparkling facets reminiscent of the soft glow of chandeliers casting their magical light across the dance floor. With every movement, these diamonds shimmer and dance, capturing the essence of the mesmerizing waltzes that filled the air during Edwardian soirées.

Imbued with the spirit of the Edwardian period, this monogram ring serves as a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of that time. The 14K gold setting exudes a warm radiance, reminiscent of the golden hues that bathed the grand ballrooms, where nobility and high society gathered to revel in the splendor of the era.

Wearing this treasured piece transports you to a world of refined luxury and lavish celebrations. It invites you to embrace the rich historical significance that it carries and become part of its captivating narrative, as if stepping into the shoes of an Edwardian aristocrat.

To ensure a perfect fit, we offer complimentary sizing services. The ring is currently a size 8 US. Our expert jewelers will ensure that the ring fits comfortably and elegantly. Simply let us know your preferred size, and we will take care of the rest, making sure this stunning piece sits beautifully on your finger.

Step into the enchanting world of the Edwardian era with this remarkable monogram ring, where vintage charm and timeless elegance intertwine. Order now and adorn yourself with a piece of history that will forever evoke the grace and grandeur of that bygone era.