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Antique Castle Rings

Edwardian Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring

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Edwardian 18ct white and yellow gold cluster ring with synthetic ruby and old cut diamond halo

Edwardian jewelry represented a common and popular voice, which was to move away from the conservatism in the Victorian era. King Edward was known to be a soireé lover and a gambling playboy, and thus jewelry during the reign of King Edward became more opulent, large and feminine. The jewelers in the Edwardian era used diamonds, white gold, and platinum and made it into the most intricate jewelry. The unmatched skill and excellent designs that crafted these rings give them the iconic appeal of antique Edwardian jewelry. In addition to platinum and white gold, gold was also used to provide rich accents. Two-toned rings like this yellow and white gold cluster ring were popular and added depth and detail to a design.

The Edwardian era produced elegant rings set with sparkling old chunky cut diamonds. Frequently, these were combined with precious gemstones such as a sapphire, emerald or ruby. The clusters could be circular or rectangular shape and featured big colourful gemstones. The bands were robust yet delicate in appearance. The favourite colour of King Edward and his wife Queen Alexandra were green and purple. Therefore, many of the pieces made in this period contained gemstones in these particular colour.

The earliest synthetic gems were Geneva Rubies, produced around 1885, and sold as authentic gems. However, they were actually "reconstituted" fragments of natural rubies melted together.

The discovery of the Geneva Rubies piqued the interest of a pair of French chemists, Auguste Verneuil and his assistant Edmond Frémy. In 1877, they began perfecting their process of heating a mixture of pure alumina and chromium oxide. This is also why we call synthetic gemstones 'Verneuil'!

In the late Edwardian era and during the Art Deco period, synthetic stones were in fashion, especially imitating birthstones, using synthetic spinel, synthetic sapphires, and garnet-glass doublets that could imitate almost any natural gemstone.

Wouldn't it be lovely to think that this elegant Edwardian synthetic ruby and diamond cluster ring once entered one of King Edward's spectacular society balls!


18ct white and yellow gold
Ruby verneuile (synthetic ruby)
Old cut diamond halo
size 9 US
Easily resizable (add to chart)
Excellent condition
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