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  • Emmey - Antique Castle Rings
  • Emmey - Antique Castle Rings
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Antique Castle Rings

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Victorian mourning brooch & pendant with onyx, emeralds, pearl and 14kt gold

The popularity of mourning jewelry reached its peak during the Victorian era (1837-1901). Mourning jewelry became popular when Prince Albert passed away. Queen Victoria was deeply in love with her husband, Prince Albert, and when he died in 1861, she lost her soulmate. Utterly devoted to her husband for more than two decades, Victoria was distraught after his death in 1861. Victoria and Albert had a marriage based truly on deep respect and romantic love, though it was firmly contextualized within the constraints of that time.

The death of Prince Albert marked a dark spot in Queen Victoria's life. However, the love, loss, and grief were not only felt by Queen Victoria and the direct family, as the whole nation was in grief. Queen Victoria spent much of the next four decades wearing black crepe dresses and mourning jewelry. She commissioned portraits, memorials, and busts of Prince Albert and other mementos that were reminders of her deceased spouse.

This mysterious onyx pendant with fleur de lis decoration and emerald is a piece from the Victorian mourning period. I can't help but imagine that this piece is commissioned for a woman who wants to wear an outstanding piece to remind her of a loved one she lost.


14ct yellow gold

Excellent condition
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