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Antique Castle Rings

Sapphire Diamond Tank Ring

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Sapphire Diamond Tank Ring

According to historians and collectors, the Tank ring owes its name to the tanks of the Second World War. Jewelry created in the late 1940s and 1950s were largely influenced by social and economic changes caused by World War II. Retro jewelry reflected the needs of society during that time, which was an infusion of hope, courage, and persistence. The retro pieces contained futuristic elements inspired by early eras, encompassing a variety of gemstones, shapes, and materials.

The war years brought major changes to the jewelry industry itself. Materials were scarce, because it had to serve the war first. Manufacturing facilitities, machines and other equipments were used for war related productions. The makers who continued creating and producing jewelry were faced with shortages of materials, and the pieces produced in the war years reflected this situation. Despite all this, they still produced fabulous statement pieces. In Paris, Cartier produced many patriotic inspired jewelry items. The letter v for victory was produced by Cartier towards the end of the war and worn as a pin to show allegiance. Due to a lack of precious gemstones the fine jewelers decided to focus on semi-precious gemstones, which were cheaper and much easier to access. Aquamarines, amethysts, tourmalines, and topaz in large rectangular and square stones. These were used in all forms of jewelry. Although there was always a demand for diamonds and precious gemstones. Cocktail rings and tank rings were popular as statement pieces, these were set in chunky gold and silver with the semi-precious gemstones.

Retro rings have different styles, as some rings are romantic and fluid, whereas others are dramatic and geometric.


14ct white gold
Sapphire diamonds
Size 8 US & easily resizable (add to chart)
Excellent condition
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