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19th Century Victorian Etruscan Revival Brooch

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During the 19th century, a specific style of jewelry emerged known as the Victorian Etruscan revival or Etruscan revival. This style drew inspiration from ancient Etruscan art and archaeological discoveries.

The Victorian Etruscan revival style was characterized by intricate filigree work, where delicate threads or bands of precious metals like gold or silver were intricately shaped into elaborate patterns. Additionally, granulation, the technique of applying small metal beads, was a distinctive detail commonly used in this style.

This Victorian turquoise brooch crafted in 14K gold (length 4cm) is a remarkable example of the Etruscan revival style. It showcases intricate filigree work, with thin metal wires meticulously crafted into an elaborate design. What sets this brooch apart is the use of bloomed gold, a technique that gives the metal a matte, textured appearance, adding depth and character to the piece. The combination of bloomed gold & intricate filigree work and rods with attached beads creates a visually captivating and historically significant brooch.

During the Victorian era, archaeological excavations in Italy's Etruscan sites captured the imagination of jewelry designers and enthusiasts. The revival of Etruscan-inspired jewelry allowed individuals to own and wear pieces reminiscent of an ancient and mysterious civilization.

If you appreciate the charm and history of this brooch while exploring the Etruscan revival style: don't hesitate because she could be yours! Add her to your cart.