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Antique Castle Rings

Victorian Coral Earrings

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Victorian red blood coral earrings in 14kt gold

"Sharp reflections on ancestral water.
Beautiful and resistent, just like coral.
Fighting the wrong fight and
Leaving only precious memories
I have of you."

These earrings are probably handcrafted in the Netherlands, as red coral was heavily used by the Dutch goldsmiths in the late 19th and early 20th century. Dutch women wore these coral pieces with traditional clothing. Back in the 19th century, the Netherlands played a vital role in the import and export industry. The Dutch imported a lot of red coral from all over the world, but mainly from Italy. Coral became a wanted good that many people wanted to include in their collection.

In today's world, we are very well aware that the world’s coral reefs are threatened by pollution, overharvesting, and climate change. Several species of coral have been declared endangered and are now regulated, and more than 180 countries restrict the export of red coral harvested after 1969.

Coral jewelry is still popular, and antique pieces fetch astronomical prices at auction. These extraordinary coral earrings are a collector's item and will give you the right amount of vintage allure!


14kt yellow gold
Excellent condition
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