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Antique Castle Rings

Victorian Flora & Fauna enameled locket

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The tradition of wearing a locket has spanned thousands of years and can be traced back to the 16th century, during which time they were worn by both men and women. Lockets containing a portrait of the reigning monarch were frequently worn by those with particularly patriotic tendencies.

During the Victorian era, lockets became extremely popular and turned into the piece of jewelry we recognize today. There are several reasons the locket became so widespread during this time period. The first reason is that Queen Victoria, who was both extremely admired and copied by the people of the time, had two lockets of her own. One was a locket bracelet given to her by her husband which contained locks of hair from each of their children and the other was a very special locket with a portrait of Prince Albert, which Victoria wore after her dear husband’s death.

During the late Victorian period, people developed a slight obsession for everything that had to do with nature. The fascination with naturalism was a reaction to the negative sides of industrialization and technology. Many inhabitants of busy cities, moved away from overcrowded city districts and started to settle in rural and quiet places where they could reconnect with nature surrounded by botanical gardens.

The urge and longing for flora and fauna, inspired the artistic world in no time and jewelry were inspired by insects, animals, and flowers. The carved details on this beautiful original Victorian locket in this listing may represent a typical design for that era. This nature inspired locket depict an exotic fly with beautiful flowers accentuated by different colours of enamel... It is a true Victorian dream to wear this romantic locket!


14ct gold
Victorian piece
Good condition
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