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Antique Castle Rings

Victorian Revival Moonstone Diamond Double Heart Ring

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Victorian Dutch revival moonstone diamond double heart ring in 14ct 

The store's sweetheart... we don't need to explain that the heart refers to friendship, devotion, and affection. As many know that the most powerful and significant of all hearts in jewelry are the versions that refer to deep, romantic, and enduring love. Jewelry with heart-shaped motifs and designs were first reported at the end of the Middle Ages. The symbol gained popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries and became widely used in jewelry design throughout the subsequent centuries.

The heart symbol lost its romantic meaning during the 17th century, particularly in Scotland when ‘witches heart’ or twisted heart brooches were used as talismans against bad energy and spirits.

By the 18th century, however, the witches heart symbol evolved to mean ‘bewitched by love’. Luckily, the romantic meaning behind heart motifs returned and at this point in time, a double heart would have signified that the wearer was in a committed relationship. Lovers gifted each other with witch’s hearts as a love token to symbolize that they’d been 'bewitched' with love. There were typically made with garnets and often crowned (a symbol of loyalty). Double-hearted witch’s hearts symbolized serious commitment, like 'the reigning of fidelity over a marriage', while single crowned hearts were equally popular for engagement rings and carried the meaning 'ruler of my heart'. The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s engagement ring from 1964 was a crowned diamond heart.

This 'ruler of my heart' vintage rose cut ring is crafted in the mid 20th century. This collector's item carries a beautiful and rich history and it is ready to be adopted by a lovely home!


14ct gold hallmarked and acid tested
Moonstones & oldminecut diamonds
Size 6.5 US
Easily resizable (please add to cart)
Excellent condition
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