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Antique Castle Rings


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Introducing the Geometrique vintage sapphire and diamond ring, a timeless piece of jewelry that exudes elegance and sophistication. This stunning ring is crafted from 18K gold, a metal known for its luxurious luster and durability. The gold serves as a stunning backdrop for the 14 brilliant cut diamonds that surround the centerpiece, a breathtaking vintage sapphire.

The vintage sapphire, a symbol of wisdom and truth, has been revered for centuries. It is said to have been the preferred gemstone of the ancient Persian royalty, who believed that the stone brought peace and protection to its wearer. The 14 diamonds that surround the sapphire, each symbolizing a full moon, enhance the beauty of the piece, creating a brilliant sparkle that will take your breath away. This ring is the perfect representation of the beauty of the past combined with the glamour of today, making it a true work of art.

Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Ring

The royal blue of the sapphire against a halo set with exceptionally sparkly and vivid diamonds, makes this ring elegant, timeless and romantic. 

18K Gold 

3.8 grams

Sapphire and 14x Brilliant Cut Diamonds

6.75 US
Easily resizable by our bench jeweller, contact us through the contact page to let us know your size.

Excellent vintage condition

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