#14 Curious about Rosecut Diamonds?

#14 Curious about Rosecut Diamonds?

Were you always curious about rose cut diamonds and their history? Then this Fast-to-Read blog is for you! 

The rose cut originated in the 1500's and was commonly used through the Georgian and Victorian eras. Like other antique diamond cuts, they were cut by hand and meant to shine under candlelight. Their large, wide facets performed exquisitely in low light conditions. A surprising driving force in the increased popularity of diamond evening jewelry derived from technological advances in candle making.

Most gemstone jewelry made prior to 1830 have “closed-back” settings, meaning that the pavilion and sides of a gemstone are entirely encased in a little metal cup. Usually, a small piece of foil is inserted in between the gemstone and the metal backing to help it reflect (candle) light.

The shape of the rough diamond crystal influences the shape the diamond will be cut into. Back in the 17th and 18th century, Diamond cutters wanted to preserve as much of the original diamond carat weight as possible. To be precise, if you have the chance to analyze an antique rose cut, you’ll often notice that the shape of the diamond is anything but round and that it follows the shape of the original rough diamond crystal.

In the '60s, '70s, and '80s, most of the old rose cut diamonds were re-faceted into brilliants using modern technology - which means that true antique rose cut diamonds have become scarce and valuable.

Other names for the Rose Cut are the Rosette, Antwerp Rose (Roses d'Anvers), Dutch Cut, Crowned Rose Cut, or the Full Holland Cut. The Dutch references in the names reflect the fact that The Netherlands was once the capital of the diamond-cutting world.

In our care guide we explain how to take care of these type of jewellery! 

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