3 COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS about (antique) jewellery

3 COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS about (antique) jewellery

At ACR, we are all about providing our clients with the most unique and luxurious pieces of antique jewellery. Despite our own enthusiasm, we have noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about antique jewellery. We think it’s time to know the truth, so here are three of the most common ones:


1. Antique jewellery is of lower quality than modern day jewellery

When a piece of jewellery is hundreds of years old, one might think that it has to be fragile. But if the quality of these pieces leaves something to be desired, how have they survived for all these years? In fact, the quality of antique pieces is often better than their modern counterparts. This has to do with the fact that antique jewellery was handmade, and the craftsmen took their time to create the most intricate pieces. Nowadays, this kind of craftmanship is a lot less common, since a lot of jewellery is mass-produced.

Moreover, if you buy your antique jewellery from a trusted seller, the seller will make sure that the piece you buy is in its best condition. In our web shop all the details about the condition of the piece can be found in the listing, so that you’re never faced with surprises.


2. Combining metals is a no-go

This misconception doesn’t apply to antique jewellery alone, but to jewellery in general. Are you one of the people who have always thought that it’s not done to combine different kinds of metals in jewellery? Well, that might be one of the most common jewellery misconceptions! If done right, combining metals can be very fashionable and a great way to combine your most loved pieces. A great way to combine metals is layering. For instance by wearing multiple necklaces or multiple rings on one hand. Using necklaces with different lengths and rings with varying thicknesses especially creates a very interesting and fashionable look.


3. Antique jewellery isn’t suitable for combining with day-to-day outfits

When considering wearing antique jewellery, you might think that this jewellery isn’t suitable to wear on a daily basis. Maybe you think that the pieces don’t match today’s trends, since trends have changed many times since they were made. But remember: yesterday’s styles inspire today’s styles! Over the years, a lot of fashion trends have made their appearance, went out of style, and then made a comeback. Because of this, there will always be antique pieces that can combine perfectly with your modern outfit. Moreover, antique jewellery comes in many shapes and sizes, and styles range from extravagant to the perfect minimalistic everyday pieces.

Enjoy searching for your antique treasures and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! -xxx- Sophie

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