Episode #1 The Story Behind: Eye Candy Gems

Episode #1 The Story Behind: Eye Candy Gems

Carolina, the owner of 'Eye Candy Gems' (instagram @eyecandygems), discovered her love for antique jewelry two years ago through a chance encounter on Etsy. A vintage ring caught her eye and sparked her interest in the timeless beauty of antique jewelry. "I fell in love with that piece," Carolina recalls, "I started doing research and became interested in buying even more antique pieces!" This chance discovery on Etsy was the beginning of her journey as an antique jewelry collector.


For Carolina, the allure of antique jewelry lies in the combination of craftsmanship, value, and love at first sight. "I have to fall in love with it as soon as I see it and I can usually feel that in my gut," she says. "It has to be the whole package and I really have to love it, if I feel like I have doubts, I won't go for it."

Among the many special pieces in her collection, Carolina's antique Tiffany band from 1908 holds a special place. "I've always wanted an antique Tiffany Band and I managed to find this one, like it was meant to be, in my size! It's a classic 22ct band, simple but certainly elegant"


For Carolina, her antique jewelry collection is more than just a collection of beautiful pieces. "It makes me feel beautiful and completes my outfit," she says. "It also functions as a business card, because people notice my pieces." But her collection also serves a deeper purpose, providing comfort and a sense of connection to the past. "They make me happy and when I'm not feeling particularly well, so sometimes I just take everything out and admire them."


Carolina's advice for those interested in collecting antique jewelry is simple: "You will buy and regret, which also means you will learn and grow." She encourages collectors to be patient, and to invest in high carat pieces as an investment.

As she continued to collect antique jewelry, Carolina's tastes and preferences evolved. "I used to only buy white gold jewelry, which I now never wear anymore. All my jewellery is yellow gold or yellow gold in combination with another metal like silver or platinum" She also expanded her collection to include pieces from other eras. "I mostly collected pieces from the Victorian era, but in time I learned to love and appreciate other jewelry eras too, so I expanded into collecting Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian pieces. Even now I still don’t have any interest in Art Deco Jewelry or anything of less age"


As she looks to the future, Carolina plans to focus on acquiring "real investment pieces" and streamlining her collection. "I learned what pieces I couldn't live without, and they make up approximately 30-40% of my current collection. The rest I've decided, I will sell." 

Carolina, the owner of Eye Candy Gems, chose the name for her business due to the playful and fitting nature of it. She explains that a few pieces in her collection, when put together for the first time, made her hand look like it was covered in candy. The name perfectly capturing the allure and charm of her antique jewelry collection and making it the perfect moniker for her online presence.  

Check out her collection on her Instagram page @eyecandygems where she sells her curation of handpicked antique jewelry.

For Carolina, collecting antique jewelry is a journey of self-discovery, personal and financial growth. She encourages others to embrace the timeless beauty of antique jewelry and to approach it with patience and an open mind. With the right approach, anyone can start their own journey into the fascinating world of antique jewelry collecting. So go ahead, take the leap, and discover the allure and charm of antique jewelry for yourself.

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