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Antique Castle Rings

RARE: Table Cut Diamond Half Hoop Ring

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The table-cut diamond is one of the earliest diamond cuts, originating during the Renaissance period. It is named after its flat table facet, which is the large, flat surface on the top of the diamond. The table cut was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries when diamonds were cut into simpler shapes to maximize their size and brilliance. This historic diamond cut holds a special place in the evolution of diamond cutting techniques and represents the craftsmanship and beauty of diamonds from centuries past.

During the Renaissance period, individuals of noble and affluent backgrounds in various European countries cherished and wore this type of 7 stone half hoop table-cut diamond rings. These rings were particularly popular among the upper classes in countries such as Italy, France, and England.

French, 18K Gold, 7 table cut diamonds set in silver, size 10.5 US, 2.3 grams
Resizable by us within size ranges: 8.0 US - 12.0 US (contact us for a quote)

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