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Antique Castle Rings

Late 19th Century Rare Demantoid Horsetail Garnet Art Nouveau Pendant

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Demantoid garnets with horsetail inclusions are highly sought after due to their rarity and unique beauty. The horsetail inclusions are delicate, needle-like formations that radiate from the center of the gemstone and resemble the tail of a horse. These inclusions are formed by tiny mineral fibers of asbestos or byssolite that have become trapped within the crystal as it formed.

The horsetail inclusions are exclusive to demantoid garnets, making them even more special and highly valued by antique jewelry collectors. In addition to their unique appearance, demantoid garnets are also known for their high dispersion, which is a measure of how much light is dispersed into a spectrum of colors when it passes through the gemstone. This gives demantoids a brilliant and fiery appearance that is highly prized by gemstone enthusiasts. Will you take her home?

14K Gold, Silver

Demantoid garnets with horsetail inclusions (1x 4.85mm x 4.84mm, 1x 5.5mm x 4mm), old cut and Rosecut Diamonds, seed pearls

5.1 grams / 47mm x 20mm incl. bail

Good antique condition 

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NOTES: we can provide a 14k gold chain to wear with the pendant, make sure to mail us: or DM us on instagram: antique.castle.rings